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Merits Of Using A Designated Driver

Drunk driving is not right at any given time. Everywhere drunk driving is a crime. Alcohol will have influence on how you make decisions and will affect your vision making it easy for you to cause an accident on the road.Having fun after that long weekend is usually accompanied with a drink by most of us. But you have to be very responsible and get a sober driver to drive you home after the night is over. You can ask your friend to drive you.

You are able to have fun without having to worry about how to get home.Going out main aim is that you enjoy the night to the fullest. It gives you the liberty to drink to your fill. This can only be achieved when you hire a sober driver to take charge of the wheel.You have no worries of how to get home or whether you will be caught by traffic police due to driving when drunk.

You know that you are safe when on the road. It can be attributed by being certain that your driver is not affected by any alcohol in his system.You get to be dropped off at the bar and picked when it is time to go home, you also protect other people who are using the road too. DUI is harmful not only to you but to others. Statistics have proven that most accidents are influenced by poor driving.Driving when drunk is the highest cause of all reckless driving accidents.

Getting a DUI ticket is not pleasant. This can be an attraction of jail time. It is not worth it if you could just avoid it. The DUI ticket may be accompanied by sentencing like life imprisonment because you killed someone when driving recklessly. To avoid paying hefty fines it is just safe to get a designated driver to chauffeur you around when you drunk.

After partying make sure you have a designated driver to take you home.The designated driver that you pick should be trustworthy. They should not take advantage of you when you are drunk. They must be licensed to drive.Do not get a minor without a license but can drive and call them your designated driver.That will be child abuse which is a crime, Look for an adult who can take up the task. You can volunteer to be that sober driver for that night to ensure you are all safe. Do not let that night be the last that you will have such fun because you will have driven drunk.It can end up badly with an accident that will kill you or cause you so much pain.

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